#MondayMusings – Beware the Fast Cars and Freedom

The country band, Rascal Flatts sings a song called, “Fast Cars and Freedom”, it makes you think of how one’s car and how one drives it. It makes you think, why do we, as men take such pride in our cars. However it also begs the important question, what do men and women think of when they buy a car and how different their thought process is.

Remember, Hailey? She was the most recent addition to the #CrazyFile. I talked a lot about how she over compensated and how I really knew something was up with her. How she lacked confidence and masked her insecurity by almost trying to be overly compensating – essentially a house of cards that eventually would come tumbling down.

The other night, I was presented with a differing perspective of fast cars and expensive cars — this time from a former female colleague of mine – one who works in corporate law with a bunch of men who like to thrown their money around.

Her realization was rather blunt … “The bigger the car, the smaller the…” well I think you get the point. I nearly spit my drink out.

“What !?!?!”, I asked.

“Yeah, seriously. I find the bigger the guys car is, the smaller his xxxx is.”, she said.

“Think about it. Why do you need to buy an $80,000 Mercedes? Nobody needs an $80,000 Mercedes, although it’s nice to have, but the minute you drive it off the lot it diminishes 10% in value, right off the top.”

She had a point.

Then I started to think more about it. You know, she might be onto something.

It reminded me of a story of a former boss of mine. The guy was incapable of making a decision on his own unless he was pushed to do that. But he rolled around the office in his Harry Rosen Suits, polished shoes, and his Beemer parked out front. Perception wise, he looked like he exuded total confidence. Well dressed, well spoken, but incapable of making any type of decision whatsoever. In fact a couple of years after I started at this firm, and realized all of this, he went out and bought himself an even bigger car. Seriously !?!?

Sometimes those big time corporate lawyers are spot on, and instead of $500/hour, you can get pretty good advice for a $10 martini. Maybe I’m onto something here.

Beware the fast cars and freedom.

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